Flip book animation

For my animation I tried to follow the style of Ub Iwerks. To learn his style of animation I watched Skeleton Dance, Steamboat Willy, Spooks, Flips lunch room, The Bully and Bulloney. For design I wanted to create a character like Mickey and Flip the frog. So to do that I gave my character gloves like Flip had and made him completely black in some areas, I also didn’t really give much definition to his arms or his legs. For poses I wanted the character to keep his arms at his side but not touching, just like when the butler is first introduced in spooks. Or in some of his other cartoons, characters usually don’t have their arms resting on their sides. I managed to get pretty smooth motion in frames 1 to 10 of my animation where the box was moving, I managed to achieve this just by having a lot of frames for when it was moving. There wasn’t really a part of my animation that wasn’t smooth. one part of my character design that was difficult to animate was having to constantly shade in the black areas. Another part that was hard to animate is my characters’ fingers, there wasn’t that much space for them and it became annoying to move them with the arms. The one action I thought wasn’t very clear was him yelling when he jumped up in the air. To make it more clear I think I can draw lines when his mouth is open. To make him look shocked I had him jump up into the air and put his arms up and shout. To make him look more shocked I could try increasing the size of his eyes when he jumps in the air. One big problem I had with the animation was trying to keep everything consistent as I traced over it. Over time a lot of details slowly started to change or vanish. Part of my characters’ shorts slowly disappeared over time. His hands also lost their 4th finger the more and more I drew. The shoes also started to loose a lot of their definition over time. The scale of my characters’ head started to increase and decrease. And lastly the shape of the box that was moving started to change. To fix this I think I need to look at the previous two frames when drawing to make sure I don’t loose detail instead of just tracing off of the one.

To make the character easier to animate I gave him 3 fingers instead of 4. This time the animation was smoother when his arms were moving up when he jumped in frame 19 to 27

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