Abstract Art

word press arangement


For this project I took photos around the end of the hall by my dorm room. I took pictures from numerous angles and tried to get the same kind of basic aesthetic for each photo, but keeping them unique.

For my abstract interpretation I wanted to reduce the amount of detail in the images to their most basic geometric form. Some of the images I changed from 3 dimensional to 2 dimensional. And with others I used the angle of the vectors to express 3 dimensional shape. I didn’t use shading. with other images I represented them in a different perspective. When I organized all of the pictures together I connected all of the beige parts. The thin black lines between the photos creates a sense of connection between them. The image where the gray, brown and beige converge in the center creates a sense of balance in the image, as does the line in the middle of the picture above it. The two triangles in the image on the left guides the viewers eyes away from the composition to  the image next to it. I put the red and green next to each other because It creates a contrast since they are opposite of each other on the color wheel.

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