Imaginary landscape



In class we got a project to create an imaginary landscape. So what I wanted to do was make something that looked completely alien, Like it could be on another planet. But I also wanted something different than what you’d normally find in space, something that looked more hostile and mysterious

To make it first I found a picture of a desert and removed the sky from it. Then I went online and found a galaxy and put it behind the desert as the sky. I then made adjustments to the colors of the picture and made everything look more red. To populate the world I added in pictures of a praying mantis and a worm hidden off the edge of the photo so it looks like the tentacle of something larger. The last thing I added to the picture was a photo of Pluto in the right area of the sky.

When I had my photo reviewed by classmates for critique a suggestion I got was to make the light brighter down the middle of the picture from the center of the galaxy. To do this I duplicated the desert layer, made it only a small area and raised the brightness slightly so it looks like a ray of light.

I think the project was a success. I was able to make something that looked completely alien. And because of the red the whole are looks a lot more hostile and mysterious, and the red galaxy looks a bit like a supernova because of the red color. The worm also looks like it’s part of something much bigger that’s hiding since it goes off the image.

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