abstract animation

For my animation I  wanted to find a way to represent the Death Egg Music from Sonic 3. To do this I had the beat of the song represented by 2 pulsing circles, the different notes represented by the bars coming up from off frame, and the notes at the end represented by the square boxes on the right of the screen appear and disappear. I was very successful at creating this on the flash cards, but it would have been better if the size of the circles was more consistent.

The animators I studied were Oskar Fischinger and his two films An Optical Poem and Kreise. As well as Norman McLaren and his two films Dots and boogie doodle.

My main inspiration was an Optical Poem and how circles would appear then disappear to represent a sound. In one scene squares were pulsing in the background to represent a constant beat. And the circles would move faster or slower depending on the speed of the music.

The strongest parts of my film is how well synced the music is to the bars going up and down and the boxes appearing and disappearing. To do that I made the film in Adobe Flash in sync to the music, and then I used that as a reference for drawing frames on the flash cards.

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