Gallery write up


This photo uses several elements and principles of design. Balance is used since there is not too much of any one color. Emphasis is put on the subject because of all the different colors on them, as well as the blank background. Repetition is used with all the different pins on the persons body and different patches of color. Texture is shown by how smooth the persons skin looks.


One of the principles of design used in this is emphasis, The black circle is such a large contrast to the rest of the image that it draws in the viewers attention. Balance is used because the black mark doesn’t take up too much space on the image, but enough to get the viewers attention. The black mark also creates emphasis because of how much darker it is compared to the rest of the image. There is repetition and unity in the white shapes that look like tree rings. Texture is used in the photo since the image looks like it’s very rough and has a coarse surface.

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