Stop motion research

For my research I looked at Lotte Reiniger and her films The Adventures of prince Achmed, Cinderella, Däumelinchen and Hansel and Gretel. Most of her work focused on fairy tales across various cultures. She would often leave in stuff that disney adaptations would leave out to be child friendly, such as the one step sister in cinderella cutting her foot to fit into the glass slipper. Across all of Lette Reiniger’s films there is one aspect unique to stop motion that couldn’t be done with traditional animation and that is how many different objects there are on screen at once. In each of her films characters are made up of several different objects, such as their hands, arms, legs, and clothing. This was only possible in stop motion because with traditional animation it would be expensive to use that many cells for characters, and in addition the animation would become blurry from having too many of them. The amount of parts is especially noticeable in Prince Achmed when the demons are flying out of the volcano. Another of her works where we can see this is in Cinderella when all the birds fly into her house to help clean up the floor.

Another part of her work that can only be done in stop motion is the background effects in certain scenes. In The Adventures of Prince Achmed when the magician is using his magic to make the horse there are wavy lines moving in the background and animal heads appearing and disappearing as he casts his spell. Later when the witch uses her magic a green circle beings pulsing outwards from her on the background, it also makes it look like puffs of magic are coming out of her hands. When her and the magician being turning into animals a silhouette forms around them using that effect. The technique is also used in Däumelinchen for the water background at the beginning of the film.


storyboard 2.jpg

storyboard 3

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