the chair


For the chair I tried to draw it as realistically as possible. To start out I drew the general outline of the chair and then checked that everything was correctly proportional. Next I drew lines to create the different folds on the sheet to add a sense of depth. After that I began to work on the white and grey lines, I drew marks to make sure that there was the correct amount of lines on each segment of the chair. I started drawing all of the lines and included and curves in them that I could see, then I began to lightly shade in with the charcoal to make them grey. Next I used the blending tool on all of the lines to make them look smoother. After that I used my pencil to draw a rough outline around the chair for the shadow it makes, then I began to shade with charcoal inside of those marks, making the shadow darker where necessary. Finally I used the blending tool to smooth out the shadows.

As a whole this is a large improvement from my self portrait at the beginning of the semester. I’ve learned how to use shadows to give and object a sense of depth. I’ve also learned to see more lines on an object, and with more lines I can convey depth more easily.

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