gallery write up


At Alfred University I went to a gallery that had a variety of  art pieces. There wasn’t really a central theme to all of the pieces and they were all made in different medium, some were costumes, others were clay sculptures. Out of all the art pieces there were three that stood out to me the most.

mr fantastic

Mark Newport’s piece, Fantastic Four, is unique to say the least. The entire piece is a giant knitted costume for the Fantastic Four superhero team. What makes this piece interesting is that the legs and waist of the costume are completely stretched out. Even more interesting is the fact that while the legs and waist of the costume are stretched out, the arms are normal, if not less than normal length.


Another piece of work at the gallery by Erin Ridley was topless. This one was obviously about a car crash. What’s interesting about this image is how much detail is on the car, you can really see just how destroyed the car got from being in the crash. However that’s a big contrast to the background and the road which are both extremely simple. The color choice for the image is slightly toned down in terms of vibrance, in a way it matches the mood of after a car crash.


another interesting piece of art from the gallery Is Originally Alone by Erin Riley. What’s interesting about this is the way the tattoos curve around the persons body and create a sense of depth to the image without using shadows. The color choice is also interesting as everything is very toned down and not very vibrant.

As a whole the gallery was very interesting and covered a wide rage of subjects. some of the art was abstract sculptures, other pieces were exaggerated costumes, some pictures were about car crashes or the human body itself. But the one thing that tied them together was they were art and an expression of the artist.

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