Phillip Stearns research

For my artist I decided to look up Philip Stearns and his glitch art. He doesn’t have on single design philosophy and his art is made in many different mediums.

For his tapestry art what he does is take a core dump from his computer and using a custom program assigns an RGB color to a bit value, after making the picture he printed it on an industrial sized loom.

In another of his projects he purposefully corrupted the circuitry of Kodak cameras so that the images it makes would be complete glitches.

In one of his video pieces, Phillip created a custom video synthesizer and sent it electronic signals to have it visualize the data and create sound. In another video piece he transformed sine tones into a video image and colorized them with a sadin image processor.

In several photography pieces he applied high voltage and various chemical agents to get images that look like dots with arms branching off of them.

In his piece Macular degeneration he created sound using anolog mixer feedback and outboard effects units

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