Figure and Motion Journal 1

For this class I want to try and improve how I draw and create human characters in 2D so I do a better job at creating them in 3D. The main area I want to focus on is making sure the characters’ body parts are in proportion to each other and that it doesn’t look weird. Over a year ago I created a 3D model of a video game character and while I learned some stuff about anatomy and proportion to make that model, I want to get even better since I hope to create fairly realistic characters in the future, and the model I made is still a little off in terms of proportion. In this journal I’m going to write down ideas for characters that I want to create someday and describe their features in as much detail as possible. How muscular are they? How tall are they? What kind of clothing are they wearing, what does their face look like? Anything relevant to how they look.

Each week I’m going to try and do  at least one drawing every day of a person based on a reference image that I find or something I’ve created in my own imagination. Some I’ll try to draw realistically and others I will try and make in a specific style.


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