Origami Robot

For class we had to design an Origami Robot and develop a story for it


This is E-10, he was created by a teenager for a science project using an old processor from a cash register. However when he finally turned the robot on it couldn’t communicate and only spit out random numbers. He abandoned it in the junkyard and began work on a new robot. However E-10 remained active and wanders the junkyard constantly replacing his failing parts with new ones he can find. This is his only purpose in Life

During this project I learned about modular design and using a lot of the same pieces to build something. For my robot I reused a shape to create his arms as well as his head. By using a simple shape over and over it was fairly easy to create those parts of the robot since I got really good at just making that shape

One of the principles of  design I used when making this was unity, since I reused a lot of parts it gives the robot a sense of unity. I also used contrast since there is no particular color scheme and almost all parts have a different color. One of the elements of design I used was shape since I tried to keep the robot as blocky as possible.

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