Character design

character design document


Evan led a fairly normal life, he went to school, got good grades, went to college for business and landed a nice job. Only problem was it’s in a city that’s a cesspool for crime. The wealthy financial district is a nice neighborhood, but step out of it and there’s a good chance you’re going to get mugged. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices though so he moved anyway and things were good. Everything changed one night however, on the fringe of a bad neighborhood after leaving a club he saw his friend get beaten to death in an ally, he would have died too but the cops showed up just in time. To scare them off.

After that night he was a different man. Fed up with crime and the city government’s incompetence in dealing with it he decided to do something. He went out and got various sports equipment to create a makeshift superhero costume, and after months of working out he now fights crime on the weekend nights, protecting the innocent. However his actions have earned the attention of the local gangs and the police, who fear that his growing fame will expose how incompetent they and the city government are. Not to mention the strain his double life is putting on all of his relationships.

It’s a tough job with many trials ahead, but if he can learn to adapt Evan might just survive.

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