Greek Creation Story

To create this comic I drew out the first page by hand and then colored it in using photoshop, the remaining two panels were created entirely in photoshop

When creating the comic there were several times principles in Understanding Comics came in useful. When drawing the different deities I never show the exact moment when they come into existence, the readers brain automatically makes that up themselves. On the last page of the comic under the 3 images there is an image of earth to tie the idea of the deities being created to their role with the earth. One panel that stands out is the one for Erebos, since he is the embodiment of darkness his entire panel is almost completely black except for the orange lines.

I think this project helped me grow as an artist because I learned how to use textures to make flat images more interesting, and give the illusion of them being on pottery when they are not.

Page 1Page 2Page 3

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