Gallery Write up


Figurative sculpture(artist,material,date made)


These sculptures are figurative because they act as a representation of something in reality, in this case it’s bears. However instead of being a realistic representation the artist did things like simplify the anatomy and add texture to the body to make them unique.

Crosshatch, Porcelain and Thread, Danielle Furia, 2016


This sculpture Crosshatch uses points, lines and planes heavily. Each part of it could be defined as a either a point, line or plane. and the overall shape it is made in causes us to imagine the shape of a triangle.

Grand Canyon, Ceramic and Terra Sigillata, Danielle Furia, 2016



The sculpture creates a sense of rhythm and balance with the many petals that make it up. The placement of the petals is random, yet balanced so one color does not feel over represented in an area.

The agora, wires and glass, 2016


Because of all the wires inside of the pyramid the sculpture a sense of volume is conveyed because the viewer is now thinking about how much room is inside of the pyramid.

Time Array, Ceramic and Projection, Guo Cheng, 2016


using the projector the artist is able to imply scale change to the viewer. Because the silhouette of the small sculpture is scene as smaller than the large version being projected, it makes the viewer think of the size difference between the two.


wooden scraps, clay and ceramic coils, Erin Blackwell 2016


This sculpture by Erin Blackwell is a perfect example of modular design. Instead of one large wooden block cut into a specific shape, the entire sculpture is made up of smaller blocks and ceramic put together to create a visually diverse object.

Remnant, Wire and Wax, Mary Gasper, 2016


Because of how this sculpture was constructed it is able to convey a sense of space to the observer. It was put together using wire and wax in a hexagonal pattern, because of this most of the space the sculpture occupies is just empty space itself.

Outbreak, Ceramic and Terra Sigillata, Danielle Furia, 2016


Because of the way the Ceramic blocks are put together movement is implied. They are all hanging on a small metal rod that makes it seem like they are meant to be spun around.

Truly Meat, Paint on Wood, Isabella Duncan, 2016


The main element of design used by this sculpture is color. By using color it gives the illusion of texture to an otherwise flat piece of wood, and can make the viewer imagine it feeling a different way than it actually does.

The consumers Penitence, ceramic,Caroline Zimmerli, 2016


Because of the way this sculpture has pieces just out from the side of it, that creates a sense of texture even without touching it. It conveys roughness as do the black areas on it that make the sculpture resemble rusted metal.

Ceramic and Terra Sigillata, Danielle Furia, 2016


The flowers are arranged in a way that conveys a sense of pattern because of the even spacing between each of them. it’s even and even gives the sculpture a subtle sense of rhythm to it

The Agora, glass, wood and rope, 2016


This sculpture in The Agora gallery is an example of what is possible with mixed media. Using the rope and wood the two pieces of glass are perfectly suspended above the ground, and the slightest change would cause the whole thing to fall down; doing this visually communicates a sense of tension to the viewer.

Residue, Masonite, Sarah Ambrose, 2016


On a conceptual level this sculpture is about our language. When people are talking and writing there can be miscommunication. People might think you mean one thing when in reality you’re talking about something else and jump to conclusions about you. This sculpture offers a visual representation of that idea.

You can’t make a silk purse, thread, 2016


This is a sculpture that manages to imply both time and motion. Time is implied by the spools lying around inside the sculpture, it makes it look as though a lot of time has passed. and Motion is implied by the object being a sewing machine, they are something typically associated with rapid and fast motion.

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