Art Gallery Write Up



For my art gallery write up I visited Core Sample Selections from the Permanent Collection in the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum at Alfred University. The art gallery contained many art pieces large and small made from ceramics. Much of the art was stuff you’d expect such as bowls, however there were also many unusual pieces such as statues.

One piece that was particularly interesting was Threshold by Juan Miguel Santiago. This piece consisted of several black pieces put together in a giant frame. Threshold is a piece that grabs your attention for several reasons. For starters it’s very large and yet doesn’t have a lot of detail. It’s also clearly manmade with the equally sized black slabs that make it up yet it also gives  off an organic feeling because of the bumps on those slabs. Looking at it in person it just feels out of place yet it keeps your attention.

Another interesting piece is Leave Your Sumptuous Grandeur, and Return to these rocks. What really makes this piece stand out in the gallery is the material that it’s made of, instead of ceramics it’s made out of crystals. The crystals grab your attention and despite not being as finely detailed as the ceramic sculptures you still know what it’s supposed to be.

These art pieces and the gallery have taught me several things that I can use in my DMA work. Art that is different can stand out, but there has to be a reason for it. You can also stand out with a different medium, however you still have to be able to effectively communicate your idea .

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