Interactive Design: Lecture Write Up

On Monday April 17th, I went to a gallery opening at Alfred University. The gallery was titled Alchemy Juice by Alex Zablocki. The gallery consisted of various small ceramic sculptures made by Alex, who gave a speech about his art at the gallery and his creative process.

During his speech, Alex said that with his sculptures he likes to make stuff that deconstructs and reconstructs a vessel’s aesthetics. He doesn’t necessarily go for a specific look with his art, just something that feels right to him. One time he even made a sculpture in the dark for 6 days, and sculpted it just on the way the material felt to him.

Alex also talked about the importance of texture, color and shape in his work. Using the color and shape of an Object Alex could change how viewers think about the object, the right shape and color can be the difference between being a boring piece of art and a fun piece or art. In addition, the texture of an object could make people think a certain way as well. Using texture he could make sculptures remind people of food and make them hungry.

Using color, shape and texture correctly is something that I’ll need to know as a DMA student as well as an artist, so that I can properly convey the emotions and feelings with my work I want to convey. This is especially important to web design where you want to make someone vising a website feel a certain way, and using the correct color, images and fonts is critical to that.


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