Interactive Design: Drawing a Line from Here to There.

On may 1st I went over to Alfred University to visit the Drawing a Line from Here to There gallery. The gallery was made by Megan Daus and contained a variety of 3D sculptures spread throughout the gallery.

One notable sculpture was Mental Mindscape. this piece consisted of various triangular and rectangular pieces of wood laid out across the floor. The pattern with which they were arranged creates a shape almost resembling a mountain.

Another Interesting piece at the gallery was pattern for once a home. This sculpture consisted of some wood that made a very simple frame for a house, on one side there was a sheet to cover the entrance of the nonexistent house. The design of it has a simplified pattern to emphasize the lines of the houses form.

One way I could learn from this work and apply principles to DMA is that placement matters. Many of the sculptures were fairly repetitive in the materials they used, however they were able to get your attention by being laid out in a interesting way.

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