Explanations Script and Visual Snapshots


Our planet earth is filled with numerous organisms, of various shapes and sizes. The largest of these organisms is Pando, and it probably isn’t what you’d expect.

It resides here, in the state of Utah. From the outside Pando looks like an average forrest, In actuality, it’s one giant organism. Pando is what’s known as a Quaking Aspen. Quaking aspen are best thought of as a root system that sprouts up trees. Pando is a male Quaking Aspen, and the largest with a size of 106 acres, making him the largest living organism. His age is impressive as well, estimated to be around 80,000 years old, the root system of Pando is among the oldest known living organisms.

Unfortunately however, Pando is dying. The exact reason is unknown, it’s likely a combination of factors including drought, grazing and fire suppression. The Western Aspen alliance has been studying it in an effort to save it, but it’s unknown if they’ll succeed.

For now, we can still appreciate its existence, and do our best to stop other unique organisms from going extinct.

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Explanations Mood Board


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Accentuating Action Final


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Accentuating Action

Source Video:

First Draft:

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Accentuating Action Mood Board


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Living Composition


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Motion Graphics Check in



For my Kinetic Typography Project I’m using audio from one of the Jesters Improv shows last semester.

Some feedback I got from Sabrina Acla and Michael White was to find textures for the mood board, and find a way to put those textures in the movement of the text. Keep the drawings sketchy but clean them up. Maybe do something with a stage since this is audio from an improv show. Have the clock hands move on their frame. Add secondary motion to the words “Sexual” and “Relations.” Have the words “HA HA HA” in the background at a low opacity filling up the screen, since you can hear the audience launghing. And find a less bold font.

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