Robot Animation Test


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Kinetic Typography



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Production 1 Final



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Interactive Exhibit Video



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Interactive Exhibit Reflection

To start the project me and Mike Vok met with our biologist from Alfred University to discuss potential game ideas. At first we wanted to do VR but we soon realized our idea could be done much simpler as a point and click game. For the assets I was in charge of texturing, modeling the trees and putting the scene together.

This is what I worked on for the project:


-Orangutan UVing and textures(Male, Female and Child)

-Trees(Modeling and texturing)

-Ground texture

-Durian and Fig texture

-Audio narration

-Programming audio

-Assembling the scene

After beta testing we added in a custom mouse cursor to make it more obvious that you use the mouse to interact. I tried to make models change color when they were hovered over but I couldn’t get the code to work with our models

During the installation I witnessed several responses from the children that used the exhibit. Despite labeling the mouse with a plus and minus symbol most of them didn’t know to use the right mouse button to zoom out without being told. And despite having no game like objective most kids were willing to click on all the orangutans to learn about them.

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Interaction Review 3

At the Rochester Science Museum I used the Inflatable mirror interactive kiosk. To interact with the kiosk you would look at the mirror and hit one of two buttons, the first button inflates the mirror in to make it convex, so things appear to be farther away. The second button sucks the mirror in and makes it concave, so things in it appear much closer. The mirror was intended to show the difference between convex and concave.

The interaction wasn’t particularly game like and I don’t think it could be improved. It provides something interesting for the user to do, and explains the science behind how it works for those inclined, but you can also just hit the button without reading the description if you want so it’s approachable for children.

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Production 1 paper and proposal progess

For my final project, I’m going to be making a video that’s a machinima using The Sims 2. Machinima is a video style where someone takes footage from a videogame, and does voice acting on top of that footage.

One of the most well known groups that produces machinima is Rooster Teeth. They started making machinima in 2003 with their web show Red vs Blue. The show is filmed using the videogame Halo. The series has gotten popular enough that they collaborate with Microsoft, the owners of halo, and several Red vs Blue voice actors have done lines for Halo games. The show has gotten big enough they now have animators and blend in pre-rendered footage with gameplay footage. The company has also done machinima using other games such as Sims 2, Supreme Commander and Quake Wars. Most of their shows are comedies, since being serious all the time would just make their shows look like bad animations.

For my final project I want to use The sims 3, and make a comedy video about people trapped inside of a videogame, how they react that and how they try to push the limits of the game to do stuff they normally couldn’t. I want the video to be scripted like a pilot episode to a TV series, so it leaves room for me to revisit this idea in the future if I want to.

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