Final Group Project Check in

For the last part of the group project I Textured the Axe, textured and UV mapped the Kendo Stick, and textured the laser sword. In Unity I built the castle courtyard level, brought all the swords into the project, set up materials and packaged that for the CIT members of our team. For the space horror group I rendered out an animation of a black hole getting bigger

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 8.41.06 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-20 at 8.42.45 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-20 at 8.43.10 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-20 at 8.45.27 PM
black hole.png

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Arnold Still Life Progress

My current progress on the Arnold Still Life Project


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20 second montage



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C++ Documentary



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Interactive Media Classwork

Today in class I remodeled the Buster sword for our group to be lower poly and more accurate to the game. I also finished UV wrapping it so I can texture it soon.


Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 2.55.12 PM

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Interaction Review 2

The first game whose Juice I analyzed was Doom(2016). For juiciness the game has a lot of blood and gore when killing monsters. Melee kills play a quick animation of the player ripping demons apart and blood particle effects pop out from their corpse. When getting the berserk powerup the player moves even faster than before and can kill everything with one hit. The game also has special kill animations reserved specifically for the berserk powerup. The Quad damage powerup plays a special sound effect to make gun kills more satisfying. To increase juiciness the standard gun sound effects could be replaced with something that has more oomph to them.

The second game I analyzed was sonic runner for mobile phones. In the game sonic automatically runs in 3 lanes and the player has to have sonic switch lanes, jump or spindash to avoid obstacles. For juice when sonic collects rings it plays a sound effect and a small particle animation plays. When destroying enemies there’s a sound effect and enemies turn into a puff of smoke and scrap metal. When doing a spindash sonic makes a revving noise. and doing tricks between levels plays a pleasant sound effect for the player. Depositing rings in the ring bank plays a short animation and sound effect. To make the game juicier they could add animated text and sound effect when doing certain actions like switching between levels.


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Factory Escape Game

For interactive media we had to create  a basic videogame. For my game I made a first person platformer using the Unreal Enginematthew-ehrenhofler-level1-2matthew-ehrenhofler-level2-2matthew-ehrenhofler-level3-2

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