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My custom website built with wordpress.

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Interactive Design: Drawing a Line from Here to There.

On may 1st I went over to Alfred University to visit the Drawing a Line from Here to There gallery. The gallery was made by Megan Daus and contained a variety of 3D sculptures spread throughout the gallery.

One notable sculpture was Mental Mindscape. this piece consisted of various triangular and rectangular pieces of wood laid out across the floor. The pattern with which they were arranged creates a shape almost resembling a mountain.

Another Interesting piece at the gallery was pattern for once a home. This sculpture consisted of some wood that made a very simple frame for a house, on one side there was a sheet to cover the entrance of the nonexistent house. The design of it has a simplified pattern to emphasize the lines of the houses form.

One way I could learn from this work and apply principles to DMA is that placement matters. Many of the sculptures were fairly repetitive in the materials they used, however they were able to get your attention by being laid out in a interesting way.

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Watering Can Dragon

Model and rig for a watering can with dragon wings.

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Animation Self Critique

Over the past semester I’ve grown a lot as an animator. I learned to work with a more complicated rig, I also learned the basics of rigging characters and weight painting.

One area I still need to improve upon in animation is smoothness. I’ve gotten better at noticing subtleties that need to be animated, but getting the whole thing to be one smooth animation I still have trouble with and need to practice.

Over the past few weeks I’ve learned a lot from working on the group project. I’ve learned how to work effectively with others in a animation pipeline. However I need to work on my organization, currently my folder with assets from the group project is a mess that needs organizing.

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Meet Mat the Satellite


My entry for the Substance Painter texturing competition Meet Mat. For my submission I decided to texture the mascot like he was a space station satellite.

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Interactive Design: Lecture Write Up

On Monday April 17th, I went to a gallery opening at Alfred University. The gallery was titled Alchemy Juice by Alex Zablocki. The gallery consisted of various small ceramic sculptures made by Alex, who gave a speech about his art at the gallery and his creative process.

During his speech, Alex said that with his sculptures he likes to make stuff that deconstructs and reconstructs a vessel’s aesthetics. He doesn’t necessarily go for a specific look with his art, just something that feels right to him. One time he even made a sculpture in the dark for 6 days, and sculpted it just on the way the material felt to him.

Alex also talked about the importance of texture, color and shape in his work. Using the color and shape of an Object Alex could change how viewers think about the object, the right shape and color can be the difference between being a boring piece of art and a fun piece or art. In addition, the texture of an object could make people think a certain way as well. Using texture he could make sculptures remind people of food and make them hungry.

Using color, shape and texture correctly is something that I’ll need to know as a DMA student as well as an artist, so that I can properly convey the emotions and feelings with my work I want to convey. This is especially important to web design where you want to make someone vising a website feel a certain way, and using the correct color, images and fonts is critical to that.


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Art History II: Second Gallery Write Up

On April 10th Alfred University opened a new Art Gallery, Abject Architect: Landscape Survey 1. The art in the gallery was made by Lea McCormick Griggs. The gallery consists of several large sculptures. Each of these was made of wood across the floor and several static objects put together. In many ways, it would be more accurate to describe Griggs’ work as a collection of objects rather than a sculpture. At times it was hard to tell where one sculpture ends and where another one begins. There were also some pictures up on the wall of objects. The images were put up in pairs, a left image would be a normal picture of the object, and the one on the left that would be a black and white version.


The word Abject has two meanings, “experienced or present to the maximum degree,” or “without pride or dignity,” both definitions would be a fitting way to describe some of the sculptures Griggs’ created. In regard to the first definition, the large sculptures he created were never confined to one area or clearly defined where they end. There would be pieces of wood on the floor jutting out from the rest of the sculpture. They refused to be defined by conventional means and in a sense, could be considered present to the maximum degree. As for the second definition, that can be seen in the large black sculpture in the gallery. As part of the sculpture there is the upper body of a woman, completely nude. In another sculpture, there is a mannequin of a woman again completely nude. Both sculptures could be defined as without dignity because of those elements.


One piece that I found particularly noteworthy was the tableware on the floor. The entire sculpture consisted of teacups, bowls, plates, and salt shakers. They were all pushed against the wall and stacked on top of each other. The interesting thing about this sculpture is that normally objects like this stacked is done haphazardly to be cleaned later, nothing in the sculpture gave off that kind of vibe, it was messy but it was an organized chaos kind of messy that makes you take a second look at it.


While speaking Griggs stated that one part of his artwork he likes to experiment with is the idea of ownership. In the entire gallery, not a single piece was labeled.  This is one aspect of his artwork that I do not think was effectively implemented. Without any labels people are more confused than anything, there’s nothing to really make people think about the idea of ownership, and I hadn’t even considered it until he mentioned it while talking. It could be said that Griggs’ work fits into the historical precedence of the postmodern movement. While his work has purpose behind how it was made, all parts of his sculptures are arranged in specific and interesting ways, there is no real defining meaning behind the work that he has created. Any kind of meaning would have to be derived from the viewer which is what the postmodern movement is about.

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