Animation Checkpoint

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Hypothetical Art Piece

I would do a documentary on the history of video games after the videogame crash. I’d talk about the history of the industry in chronological order year by year, starting with the NES and SEGA Master System. I’d focus on the different consoles of each generation, how the hardware improved from console to console and how different games took advantage of those improvements. I’d also focus on games that were considered important for their genre such as Quake, Final Fantasy 7, and Half-Life and what made them important. In the case of Quake it was the first 3D game and its engine was used for numerous other games. Additionally I’d talk about the rise and fall of franchises, and which ones disappeared for several years before coming back to prominence such as XCOM, Deus Ex, or Sim City. I’d close the documentary by comparing games today to the ones of the past, and speculate on how games and hardware will change in the future. Such as VR and AR becoming cheaper and more widespread.

The point of this piece is to show how games have evolved alongside hardware, and explore what made some games significant. For this art piece I could use Fair Use to add footage from videogame trailers and videogame events such as E3 and Console reveal events. At the end I could also speculate on the use of AR in future games.

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Artists as Innovators


Precious Blood by Andres Serrano uses the material it was made with to convey a message. Precious Blood was made using blood, by doing this he challenges the way that people normally look at blood. Normally blood is seen as disgusting, however Serrano has managed to make it look like something beautiful instead. The picture itself is reminiscent of Nebula that can be found in space, something beautiful found in nature, that connection then suggests that blood is beautiful and not as gross as people normally see it.

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Motion Graphics 5 Exercises

1) For the first exercise I used the 3D layer option to make the text and background 3 dimensional. I then added a point light which would affect it differently depending on where the text is on the X,Y and Z axis

2) For the second video I used the color range key to remove drake from a green background, and I used a mask as a garbage matte to remove the green edges. I keyframed the position of drake so he doesn’t move with the video

3) For the third I applied 3 different effects to a Star Trek badge. I used CC Lens to round out the image and transform it back to normal, the liquify effect to distort the image, and Sphereize to push the image outward.

4) For the fourth exercise I found an image of a robot online and removed the background in photoshop, and saved it as a PNG to preserve the alpha channel. In after effects I used the puppet pin tool to animate him to wave

5) For the fifth exercise I made 5 different text compositions and applied a different text animation effect to each of them. I then put all 5 compositions together in a 6th composition so I could edit the position and timing of them easier

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RoboTune Animation

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VR Sculpture


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VR Landscape


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