Living Composition


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Motion Graphics Check in



For my Kinetic Typography Project I’m using audio from one of the Jesters Improv shows last semester.

Some feedback I got from Sabrina Acla and Michael White was to find textures for the mood board, and find a way to put those textures in the movement of the text. Keep the drawings sketchy but clean them up. Maybe do something with a stage since this is audio from an improv show. Have the clock hands move on their frame. Add secondary motion to the words “Sexual” and “Relations.” Have the words “HA HA HA” in the background at a low opacity filling up the screen, since you can hear the audience launghing. And find a less bold font.

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Robot Animation Test


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Kinetic Typography



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Production 1 Final



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Interactive Exhibit Video



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Interactive Exhibit Reflection

To start the project me and Mike Vok met with our biologist from Alfred University to discuss potential game ideas. At first we wanted to do VR but we soon realized our idea could be done much simpler as a point and click game. For the assets I was in charge of texturing, modeling the trees and putting the scene together.

This is what I worked on for the project:


-Orangutan UVing and textures(Male, Female and Child)

-Trees(Modeling and texturing)

-Ground texture

-Durian and Fig texture

-Audio narration

-Programming audio

-Assembling the scene

After beta testing we added in a custom mouse cursor to make it more obvious that you use the mouse to interact. I tried to make models change color when they were hovered over but I couldn’t get the code to work with our models

During the installation I witnessed several responses from the children that used the exhibit. Despite labeling the mouse with a plus and minus symbol most of them didn’t know to use the right mouse button to zoom out without being told. And despite having no game like objective most kids were willing to click on all the orangutans to learn about them.

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